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Although not equiped with a special regatta movement, some watches are interested enough to be mentioned in this overview. Some examples:



Arola bullhead Yachting, with 15 minute countdown. Manual wound Valjoux 7733 movement.



Bifora Yachting, with a 15 minute countdown. Manual wound Valjoux 7733 movement.



Bucherer Yachting with an unusual Lemania cal. 861 movement. 1970’s.



Buler Yachting, reference number 38076-21353 with steel bracelet. Manual wound Baumgarten BF 582 movement, dated 1960’s.



BWC Yachting, different models.



Certina Chronolympic ‘Regatta’, reference number 8701 504. Manual wound Valjoux 728 (Certina 29-064) movement, dated 1971.



Chopard Mille Miglia Yachting, reference 168463-3001. Automatic ETA 2894-2 movement.



Chronographe Suisse Continental Grandsport Regatta. Automatic (caliber 26) movement, dated 2008.



Gallet MultiChron Yachting regular size 33,5 mm dated 1945 (left) and Gallet MultiChron Yachting big size 37,4 mm dated 1955 (middle). Both with a Excelsior Park cal. 4 movement. Right a Gallet MultiChron Yachting ‘waterproof’  with a manual wind Valjoux 7733 movement, dated 1970’s.

On their website the brand claims the left 1945 model to be the first wristwatch on the market with a regatta countdown function. You can read more about the history of the brand and other wristwatch and stopwatch models at Henriks website here.

Excelsior_Park_ Yachting

Similar watch as the Gallet Multichron from the 1950’s, with the name Exselcior Park Yachting on the dial.



Eberjax Chronographe, with a manual wind Valjoux 7733 movement.


IWC Portuguese Yacht Club, reference IW390212. Automatic IWC 89361 movement with chronograph. Issued 2012.



Mardon Chronorégate  with 3 x 5 minute countdown in a 45 minute subdial, coloured blue, red and green, with a manual wind Valjoux 7733 movement, dated 1970’s.

Mardon was a Swiss watch brand created in 1917 in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Not a real chronograph specialist but with a pretty large range of waterproof watches. Many thanks to Joel Pynson for sending me the picture and the information.



Meister Anker, with EB 8490 movement, signed ‘Heuer Leonidas SA Swiss’. Circa 1970’s.



Mercure Regattatimer, with a Valjoux 7750 movement. German made, circa 2010.


Mortima SuperDatomatic

Mortima SuperDatomatic, with steel bracelet and rotating inner bezel. French. Manual wound, dated 1970’s.


R.Bengler_regatta_Valjoux 7734

R. Bengler, with a Valjoux 7734 movement, dated 1960’s.



Sabina 420 Yachting in 2 versions, with a 30 minute subdial of which two segments are coloured green/red representing 2×5 minutes. Manual wind Valjoux 7733 movement, dated probably 1970’s.



Santoni Yachtingtimer, in an ABS case – manual wound.



Seaboard Yacht in 3 versions, with a regatta subdial for respectively 30, 2×15 and 15 minutes. You can read more about these Seaboard models here on Thanks Henrik!


Sicura Chrono

Sicura Chrono.



Tutima Yachting, reference 751-01 with titanium case and rubber strap, and 751-02 with titanium case and bracelet. Automatic Lemania 5100 movement. Dated 2008/2009.




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