The Atlantic watch company was founded in Bettlach near Grenchen, Switzerland, in 1888 by Eduard Kummer. He was one of the founders of Swiss horology. The company was originally called EKB (Eduard Kummer Bettlach) and later, in 1930, renamed Atlantic. Eduard Kummer became a qualified master of horology and under his guidance the company grew quickly. Each Atlantic watch is equipped with a Swiss movement, and mid 1980’s the Atlantic Skipper  was introduced, with a Valjoux 7757 regatta movement.



Atlantic Skipper with diver bezel, compass bezel or tachymeter bezel.


Model: Atlantic Skipper.
  • Reference: 9505.41.12. All watches are engraved at the caseback with an individual number (eg. 723).
  • Caliber: automatic Valjoux 7757 regatta movement.
  • Case size: Ø 41,2 mm / H 14,3 mm.
  • Year: 1985-2003. Sold out since 2004.


How the countdown function works:

The regatta caliber 7757 has the crown to set the time at 3 o’clock, and two pushers for the countdown function. One pusher at 2 o’clock for start/stop and one pusher at 4 o’clock for reset. Under the dial lays the indicator disk coloured blue, white and red. There are five round apertures cut out of the dial, between 10 and 2 o’clock.

After a reset the five dots colour blue. When the chrono is activated the countdown starts and the sweep hand is set in motion. The indicator disk runs continuously clockwise. After one minute the first dot colours red, and after five minutes all 5 dots colour red. Again one minute later, so after 6 minutes, the first dot colours white. And after 10 minutes all dots colour white. Unless you push the stop pusher, the indicator disk doesn’t stop revolving. After another 5 minutes it’s coloured blue again, and so on. So the regatta countdown function can be used for a 10 minute start as well as for a 15 minute start.



  • Make: Valjoux.
  • Caliber: 7757.
  • Type: automatic chronograph with yachttimer function.
  • Size: 13,25″  Ø 30 mm / H 7,9 mm.
  • Frequency: 28.800 A/h.
  • Power reserve: 44 hours.
  • Jewels: 25.
  • Shock protection system: incabloc.



The Valjoux regatta caliber 7757 is a modified caliber 7750, with a 15 minutes countdown module integrated. According to Juerg Bohne of Atlantic Watches, the Swiss company Dubois-Dépraz was involved with making the regatta module. But the movement is listed as a Valjoux 7757 in their catalogue.

Production period from 1985 until 2003. Only 300 copies have been made.

A comprehensive description of how the Valjoux 7757 regatta movement works is written by Richard Askham on his website, see here, and you can download part of the technical documentation here.




Instruction sheet, delivered with the Atlantic Skipper.





Type I, with the diver bezel and a tachymeter or 60-seconds inner ring.



Type II, with the compass bezel and slim or thicker hands.



Type III, with the tachymeter bezel and a 60-seconds or an unmarked inner ring.


It is not unlikely that other combinations have been sold as well. Sofar I haven’t seen them. If someone can shine some light over this, please get in touch with me through the Contact page.


Other watch brands that used the caliber 7757:

Over the years some pictures popped-up with smaller brands using the regatta caliber 7757.  Sofar I came across four different ones:


De left one says ETA Swiss Technology. Perhaps some sort of demo model by ETA? The second one is marked Luxor, and the third one Prospec.


The fourth one is by Bulova, and looks rather the same as the Luxor and Prospec version, with equal cases and hands.



As a Bohemian immigrant Joseph Bulova openend a small jewelry shop in downtown New York in 1875. In 1911 the J. Bulova Company starts manufacturing clocks for the American market.

The brand became well known for the devellopement of the first fully electronic watch based on a tuning-fork technology, the Accutron. Later on the Bulova Watch Company became involved with this technique in the American space program.

Since 2008 Bulova is part of the Citizen company.